Image: Orley Quick and the Hairy Heronines

Week 4

Take a look at last week’s reviews on The Place blog.

What does the entire process look like from application to performance?

I have found this process to be a journey that aids you to develop both your artistic and your business skills, right from the point of writing the application to receiving feedback after the performance. It has been a process of learning to take on many different roles; performing and choreographing to marketing and lighting design. As part of Resolution, your work is reviewed by established and emerging critics for Resolution Review online and you receive a HD quality recording of your performance. Both of these can be used to promote your work beyond the festival. Although it has been a busy and long process, it feels like just the beginning of a bigger one!

Zoe Bishop shared her thoughts around this question:

“The distance between the two processes (application and performance) is quite far, so in order to stay on track whilst doing everything else that life involves, it’s been important to set short deadlines. Doing things as simple as booking rehearsal space in advance is something that helps you to stay on track. The key for us has been organisation: having people watch work in progress, booking photoshoots and being consistent on social media. We went to as many of The Place’s workshops we could as a way to keep touching base with our ideas and plans, and the rest seemed to happen automatically.”


Image: Jan Lee

On Tuesday, Orley Quick and the Hairy Heroines took to the stage with As We Like It. Orley Quick completed a Diploma in Dance Studies in 2010, and has since worked with various choreographers and companies. She also teaches, whilst continuing to focus on her own performance opportunities and choreography. The Hairy Heroines are a group of men (and one less hairy lady) exploring how they personally identify with their gender as well as presenting a willingness to openly look at their other self. The group enjoy exploring and blurring the lines between dance, theatre and play through a telescopic view of both past and present.

On Wednesday we (Bite Dance) shared an evening with fellow alumnus Thomas Michael Voss. Voss’s piece Quaestio attempted to unravel the pressures and issues often faced in a world of stereotypical masculinity. Thursday saw alumnus Jan Lee’s piece How to Play A Room, which questioned – what is normal? Concocting a surreal world where rules are turned and things are not what they seem, this work exposed our arbitrary views of identity through absurdity and comic misinterpretation.

2015 graduate Laura Ganotis debuts her choreographic work Revolution Opera, which takes revolution as the beginning of an era or a history to come. The work dives into the sensations of defeat, unitedness and escape, exploring the idea of unfinished fights, and the drive and thirst for change that is in our human nature.

Next week I will go behind the scenes with Watts Dance, speaking with choreographer Cecelia Watts and the music and dance alumni who feature in her piece.

For more information about Resolution and to book tickets visit The Place website.

Alice White

Graduate Intern – Press & PR

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