Image: Emmeline Cresswell Company

Week 3

This week I will be focusing on ‘hopes and fears’, two things that are inherent to sharing work and are often one and the same.

On Tuesday I went to watch a night at Resolution including a performance by Jannick Moth and Company titled Cold Mountain. The piece was performed by alumni Jannick Moth, Ben King and Samuel Pimm, crashing, tumbling and play fighting through the space. There were a number of Trinity Laban alumni in the audience and there was a really supportive atmosphere.

After each performance there is a short interval where the audience can chat to the performers in the bar and leave their thoughts on feedback cards. This is a really great way to get to know what audience members think, to see if your intentions came across and to receive constructive feedback. You can keep up to date with Resolution reviews on The Place blog.

I caught up with Jannick about his experiences of Resolution which you can read in full on the Trinity Laban blog. Often times I find that my hopes are also my fears, just as nerves are also excitement. I had a quick discussion with co-artistic director of Bite Dance, Zoe Bishop:


With a few days to go before we premiere Still Laughing, I am hopeful that we will give an impactful performance which portrays a distinct concept. I had feared having a negative reaction from the audience – but actually this would be much better than receiving indifference. Our work is stylistic and confrontational and I hope we provoke a strong reaction in the audience, be that positive or negative! You can find out more information and book tickets on The Place website.

Wednesday saw Awake Dance Company perform Lost and Found, led by Artistic Director and alumnus Roxy Bryant. The company was set up in 2016 with the intention of contributing to positive social change. Their distinctive choreographic style is an unconscious synthesis of Roxy’s training in hip-hop and contemporary dance. Producing a delicately intricate and highly dynamic vocabulary, delivering a powerful visual experience, alongside its impactful visceral one.

On Thursday, alumnus Gordon Douglas Raeburn performed a solo choreographed by Jayne Port titled Pibroch Tales. The solo evoked the ancient art of storytelling, moving from adventure to tale and interlacing age-old songs. Alumnus Emmeline Cresswell Company also performed on Thursday with Emmeline’s piece Goat Song. Inspired by a love of existential musings, surrealism and goats, three performers took the audience on a journey exploring the possibility and potential benefits of realising the self as a goat.

Check back next week to read about the journey of Resolution from application to performance. In the mean time I will be preparing for a laughter filled performance next week..


For more information on Resolution visit The Place website.

Alice White

Graduate Intern – Press & PR

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