Pilates Circuits Workshop: My Experience

Trinity Laban Heath is beginning a new venture and offering a variety of workshops in the evening for students to attend. Workshops cost just £5.00 and cover a variety of topics from nutrition for performers to ankle and foot stability.



As part of the programme the department is running regular fitness circuit workshops and I had the opportunity to attend one of the first. As a work placement student in the Health Clinic and Dance Science lab I was around the studio in the day time leading up to the workshop and was able to work with practitioner Brenton beforehand while he planned that evening’s class. I got to act has his guinea pig in sampling exercises, timing them out, and seeing if the exercises would work well for a circuit Pilates fitness class. The exercises were completely formulated by Brenton and arranged in a way that best made sense but I was able to make suggestions throughout the creation process and it was really rewarding to see my opinions and suggestions be taken into consideration. The class was set up to have 5 different stations on the numerous Pilates equipment such as reformers, cadillac’s, and the chair. Each station would have set exercises and the students would visit them on a rotation basis of three minutes per station. As the class began, introductions were made, the register taken, and we were off. Brenton asked me to demonstrate every exercise on each piece of equipment; then everyone was given a printout of them as a reminder for later on the class when they would be going through the rotation in pairs. We began the class with a brief warmup to ease our muscles into movement and then paired off to start the circuit.

Ten students including myself were registered for the class, however due to an injury only nine participated, so as luck would have it when pairs were formed to go through the stations I was a solo act. This worked out quite well because as Brenton walked around and helped out students at certain stations. I found that students at other stations would look to me as I was going through my own exercises and ask for my help in remembering the exercise. Being on my own this allowed me to leave my station and walk around to offer help whenever it was needed. Assisting throughout the class was a really amazing experience and I felt as though I learned so much just from shadowing Brenton for a few shorts hours. The format of doing a circuit class is a great introduction to Pilates and its equipment if you had never used it before and a fun way of exercising. Pilates’ equipment can be intimidating but it truly is for everyone and as Brenton said as long as you are using it safely it’s no different than using the elliptical at the gym.

Brianna Figueroa, BA2 Trinity Laban Student and work placement student, Trinity Laban Health

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