Out with the old, in with the new

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Images: JK Photography

Sometimes it seems like New Year’s resolutions are only made to be broken. Like many people, those of us working in the Learning & Participation (Dance) team can be guilty of giving up our good intentions before January is even over! As we move into February and approach the start of spring, we thought we’d reflect on our resolutions.

Lizzie Croucher, Graduate Intern
I’m learning Makaton, a language programme using signs and symbols to help people to communicate.

This extra skill will enable me to communicate with those who use it; Makaton is the UK’s leading language programme for adults and children with learning or communication difficulties. It will also really benefit and enhance my work here in Learning & Participation – we have a number of participants in our Dance Ability classes who find it difficult to communicate verbally, so this will further enhance their learning, play and creativity in the sessions!

Louisa Borg Constanzi Potts, Programme Manager
My goal is to dance more, sleep more and travel more. To help with the dance part I’ll be attending the Contemporary Level 2 and Street Dance Level 1 classes at Laban Building.

Becky Wyatt, Administrator
I’ve signed up to run the Edinburgh Marathon in May 2016 which will be a huge challenge for me. I’m following the Bupa Beginner Marathon Programme, which is steadily enabling me to increase the distance I can run.

To try and prevent injuries I’m also having monthly sports massages at Trinity Laban Health.

Laura Mercer, Projects Manager
My resolution is to dance more for my own enjoyment through classes at Laban Building. As Projects Manager, I spend my weeks writing about dance, managing dance events and teaching dance to others. I absolutely love my job but want to enjoy being the student again and be inspired by other wonderful dance artists that teach on our Adult Dance Programme. I’m currently attending Adult Contemporary Level 2.

Nuala McGreevy, CAT Manager
My resolution is to be less wasteful with food (as we throw so much out), money, time and energy on things/worries that don’t need it.

I’m also trying to make myself go to Yoga at Laban Building every week and not waste the opportunity that is right on my doorstep!


Lorna Sanders, Professional Development Manager
My resolution is to do more different things this year. I’m also going to do my best to stop checking emails when I’m at home.

Katy Pearce, Projects Manager
I’ve decided to try something new and do Lindy Hop at Greenwich Dance. This is also a new style we have coming to our Blaze Girls Dance Taster Day here at Laban Building this month. Outside of dance I’m aiming to take a bit more space to relax properly and just appreciate the small things!

Veronica Jobbins, Head of Learning & Participation (Dance)
I’m going to walk more by not using my car every day and using public transport.

Becky Wyatt


Learning and Participation (Dance)

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