Treatment and Rehabilitation

In the first blog piece of this series we explored the signs and symptoms of ‘shin splints’ and considered some preventative techniques. But what should you do if you are already suffering with shin splints? In part two we explore some possible management and rehabilitative tools for dancers diagnosed with the condition. Continue reading

Top Tips for the Touring Musician

Musicians’ hands are vital to their musical performance. Rapid, complex and coordinated movements are required and they frequently have to play in less than ideal postures and environments; usually without the support of a medical team and with poor facilities. Touring increases the hours of playing with reduced sleep. Noise, alcohol levels and pressure can be high. In summary, musicians as well as singers and other performing artists often have to perform to the limit of their abilities physically and emotionally. As a result, the risk of acquiring injuries that can lead to difficulties or an inability to play or sing can increase. Continue reading