Acupuncture treatment

In my first week here at Trinity Laban I was offered the chance to experience the therapies we have on offer.  I’m very interested in holistic and alternative therapies, so I jumped at the chance!

My first treatment was acupuncture.  I have been keen to try this as I have of heard many benefits, both physically and mentally, from receiving acupuncture.

My therapist was Kevin, who has years of experience with acupuncture, acupressure, and cupping.  We began the session by taking an in depth history.  I informed him of not only musculoskeletal problems but also other problems I may have suffered from, such as digestive, respiratory, reproductive issues, etc.  Kevin then went on to explain the benefits of acupuncture, how it can help balance the body by targeting ‘channels’ in our body known as qi. This can help to relax the muscles and mind.

Next Kevin gently inserted the needles into points in my body.  The sensation was very…interesting! It wasn’t painful.  I felt a slight prick then a dull, numb feeling around that area.  Kevin then continued to place needles in different areas around my body, mainly my wrists and legs.  He talked about how, according to Chinese Medicine, each limb works as a representation of the body, for example with the arm, the hand relates to the head.  During my treatment I continued to feel a sensation in my right wrist and my left leg, while my left wrist and right leg felt light.  It was interesting to feel this connection through both limbs.

After all the needles had been inserted, Kevin asked if I would like some time alone to relax, which I chose to take.  I felt that by having this time I would receive the most benefit from the treatment.  Kevin left me for about half an hour.  In this time I tried to allow my head to clear, which was easier said than done! I also listened to my body, how it was feeling and responding to the needles.  Once Kevin came back to the treatment room, he slowly removed the needles from my body, some areas felt more tender than others but, again, not painful.

After the treatment had finished Kevin advised me to keep well hydrated, and said that I might continue to feel aching or tingling in the points that had been treated.  My reasons for treatment had completely subsided during and after the treatment.  My body felt very relaxed and calm during the treatment.  Into the evening, I continued to feel an aching sensation in my wrists; but this went after an hour or so.

I thoroughly enjoyed my acupuncture treatment.  It was very relaxing and helped with the ailments I had been having.  I would definitely recommend acupuncture to anyone.  I will be continuing my treatments with Kevin, and next time I will be trying acupressure, a deep tissue massage. Can’t wait!!!

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