What is a Spiky Ball used for?


In this series we will be looking at the equipment we sell here at Trinity Laban Health and focusing on the benefits and what each item is used for; we will kick off with the Spiky Ball.

Spiky Balls are small balls with “spikes” to stimulate the muscles. The ball can be slightly squeezed to aid grip. Spiky Balls are easy to transport, meaning that an individual can exercise in a range of environments.

What is so great about the Spiky Ball?

They can assist to:

  • Enhance body awareness
  • Correct bad posture
  • Increase blood flow to local areas, which in turn can improve blood circulation
  • Reduce joint stiffness
  • Improve flexibility both in individual muscles and large muscle groups
  • Relieve overused areas (e.g. shin splints/tight neck muscles) by applying the ball to these problem areas

When can a Spiky Ball be used?

  • During a warm up
  • Before, during or after physical activity; for tight muscles and cramping
  • For use in conjunction with rehabilitation and to complement physiotherapy treatment

Areas on which the Spiky Ball can be used:

  • Arms
  • Shoulder
  • Neck
  • Back
  • Hips
  • Legs
  • Feet

Why do our Physiotherapists recommend the Spiky Ball?

“Spiky Balls help to relieve muscle tension; they also release the Fascia especially in the foot which is often neglected but very important for dancers. Spiky Balls release tension in specific areas of the body which is causing niggling pains such as the hips, gluteal muscles and hamstrings. Spiky Balls are basically used to soften the muscle.”

In the next instalment we will be looking at the benefits of the Resistance Band and what they can be used for.