My experience of a massage treatment


I decided to have my taster session with Dulani; our Sports Masseur and Aromatherapist Practitioner to find out what exactly happens in during a treatment.

I have had sports massage treatments in the past during my dance training, but I have never had an aromatherapy massage; nor did I know what it was.

He started the treatment by stretching areas of my back which felt well overdue! He put gentle pressure in the opposite shoulder to hip and pulled away to stretch my back out. Dulani then progressed by mixing the stronger pressure with more relaxing techniques; this made the harder pressure on my stiff shoulders and lower back easier to handle. Although there was some harder pressure during the treatment I knew my body probably needed it!

During the massage I received a mixture of different oils and fragrances; this made the treatment feel a lot more relaxing even when Dulani was working on the stiffer, tender parts of my back. Dulani made me feel very comfortable from the start and kept asking me how the pressure was. The soft music in the background added to the relaxation I felt during the treatment.

I left the treatment feeling that my shoulders had dropped, my range of movement had improved and felt a lot more relaxed than I have done before when leaving a sports massage session.