Constructing Collaborative Dialogues

CONSTRUCTING-COLLABORATIVE-DIALOGUESWhat can experts in Piano, Violin, Composition, Improvisation, and Choreography learn from and with the Director of Cass Learning Laboratory, an Informatics specialist, a walking academic and an authority in cultural studies? On July 1st, A group led by Joe Townsend from Trinity Laban and Clive Holtham from the Cass Business School welcomed colleagues from across Trinity Laban, Cass Business School and Middlesex University as part of the first in a number of short collaborative projects for staff aimed at broadening understanding of collaboration and enriching curiosity and practice whilst learning from and building relationships with other institutions.

Interaction was the key word of the day and participants explored and critiqued each other’s practice whilst the process was documented for reflection and progression at the next session.

Joe describes the concept and his experience:
Words like mastery, performance and creativity have common synergies with both the arts and business worlds.  Working with experts in business is not about finding ways of making money but exploring what we can learn about each other and possibly finding new and better ways of being creative. The most interesting aspect for me as a musician was gaining insight into the way choreographers think and through the actual experience of doing some dance exercises with the space to openly reflect with a group of academic and creative people. I really look forward to future collaborations as a way of understanding the potential for cross faculty interaction as well as with outside partners.”

We will follow up with Joe and the others after their next session. For more info on the work of Clive Holtham visit his profile.

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