Trinity Laban’s Dance Science and Health Screening and Profiling Service


The Screening and Profiling service, open to all dancers who make a living from dancing or who are in full-time training, is a unique aspect of the student experience. It is an ‘optional extra’ provided by the Dance Science and Health teams which many dancers engage with.

What is involved in Screening?

  • 1 hour one-to-one physical assessments and personal feedback in the dance science lab, assessing aspects such as range of motion, body composition and muscular strength, power and endurance
  • 25 minute one-to one physiotherapist functional assessment and feedback
  • (For Dancers Only) A studio-based group dance specific fitness test, assessing stamina

What are the benefits of Screening?

  • Assess your level of fitness
  • Track your training progress
  • Address potential injury risk
  • Achieve your optimal performance potential

As experienced dance practitioners, the dance science team is well-equipped to help you enhance your training regime while increasing your knowledge and awareness of your own body’s potential. Individual one-to-one feedback sessions and a personal report will allow you to apply the latest theories and research findings directly to your personal artistic practice.

What happens to the information that is gathered?

  • The information gathered is given back to the student in a one-to-one consultation
  • The information is also stored confidentially for future reference
  • On occasion anonymous group analyses are completed on the data to give an overview of the changing picture of students who take part in the screening process. This can be used to inform other aspects of Trinity Laban delivery.

Further information and detail on the assessments included in this screening is available on the Trinity Laban website or e-mail Trinity Laban is a partner of national institute of dance medicine and science (nidms).

For bookings please contact Trinity Laban Health on 020 8305 9479

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