Craniosacral treatment


As part of the induction process here at Trinity Laban Health we have a little taster of some of the treatments. I started with Craniosacral as it was the therapy I knew the least about; actually I have never even heard of it before.

Although I did briefly read some details about Craniosacral therapy on the Internet, none of which seemed to be written in plain English, I did not feel any more knowledgeable and actually felt a little worried I would be having my skull prodded.

When I entered the treatment room I was met with a smiling Marina who calmly explained what would happen and the benefits of having Craniosacral. To my pleasant surprise my taster session ended up being a 45 minute, very relaxing session which brought to light issues I did not even know I had; such as fatigue, poor sleep patterns and bad digestion. It left me feeling so relaxed I could almost feel my shoulders dropping away from me, and for once I did not fidget for the rest of the day which is pretty much a miracle for me!

Although it does not feel like Marina is doing much, it is a non-manipulative therapy where she places her hands on different areas of your body, to bring awareness and promote the body to heal itself naturally. The way I felt within myself was instantly noticeable; I slept very well that evening and became more aware of my inner body and some of the things we had discussed.

I have now convinced a friend and even my stubborn mum to have a go, and she is now having regular Craniosacral sessions for a foot injury.

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